Shiya Stone


As words flow from the Heart of the Universe, or the collective experience, they conjure images in our minds, emotions in our Hearts and take us on the Soul's Journey through time and space. For me, writing and poetry truly come from a magical place. The words flow from nothingness into expression and they manifest as fun, playful, yet deep lessons in Consciousness, Wisdom and Spirituality. A gift for me and the world!!

​​Expressing Universal Vibration through Words and Images


Artists express the nature of Spirit, channel thoughts and emotion from within the Collective Mind, and connect deeply to the Heart of the Universe all while their hand manifests these experiences into form. As an Artist, I work within the energy and intentions of those with whom I am working in order to create Art with the purpose of holding and emanating the energy and intentions set forth.

Creation is a Divine Process and the ultimate Divine Purpose within all of us. We are Creative Beings meant to live a life that fully expresses our Divine Selves. A Life fully expressed is a Life united with the Divine. In Creation, we merge with God and we experience Heaven on Earth.


If we are to define, or label, the Heart of who we truly are and the role we play here on Earth, then I would call myself a Mystic. Even as a young child, I sought to gain knowledge, wisdom and healing through contemplating the Universe, the World, my personal life and experiences. I now utilize creative processes to enhance my connection to Universal Consciousness. The messages and energy that come forth are grounded into the images and words that are created. This work is done for the benefit of clients and the Collective Consciousness.